About Us, LoLMMR.com, Future Plans & More

The lolmmr.com is a third-party website, that is only dedicated to displaying League of Legends MMR based on some factors. 

LoLMMR is independent and not representative of the perspectives or endorsements of Riot Games or any official entities associated with creating or managing League of Legends. League of Legends and Riot Games are registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. All rights reserved. 

Who We Are

League of Legends is one of the popular video games and has a good number of players, we have collected the players who have good experience in League of Legends and who know about the MMR. 

We are not only limited to them, our team contains developers, who look at the issues to solve them, designers to enhance the user experience, experienced writers to provide accurate and researched data and content, testers to test the tool, and more for user experience and enhancements. 

Why Trust lolmmr.com 

As we have discussed, we have an experienced team who know everything about League of Legends, MMR ( Matchmaking Rating ) Development, and more. 

We Have 100% Updated Data

No doubt, our data is 100% updated, we update the data daily, so you can expect changes in your MMR after each day if you are progressing and playing the matches in League of Legends.

We Have Experts 

As we discussed, we have a team, who have years of experience in League of Legends, writing, development, UI UX setup, and keeping the data of MMR ( Matchmaking Rating ) More accurate. 

So you should trust us because we have experience and experience is something that can’t be ignored. 

What Services lolmmr.com provide

LoLMMR is a tool that is only dedicated to showing the League of Legends MMR ( Match Making Rating ) and information, and guides related to it. 

Many of you are confused whether is it free or paid, let me clear that LoLMMR is completely free! So you can enjoy the tool free of cost. 

Currently, we are providing: 

  • League of Legends MMR score. 
  • League of Legends MMR Information, and Guides. 

Future Plans: 

In the future, you will see: 

  • MMR Forum ( that will only dedicated to Q&A, and discussions related to League of Legends MMR and League of Legends. 
  • MMR Leaderboard will also be available in the future, which will show the list of players who have high MMR. 
  • And More….