What Is MMR In Gaming And Why Does It Matter? 

MMR in games

If you are a part of the gaming industry, especially MOBA games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, and more, you might have heard the term “MMR” from someone or your friends.

But what does it mean, and how can we use it for our improvements? So here is the answer!

What Is MMR In Games

Quick answer: MMR is an algorithm, that judges the players’ skill level based on multiple factors to improve the Matchmaking system.

This is expected that the players play against each other, who have the same skill levels, and the interesting point is that this is because of MMR.

MMR in games stands for “Matchmaking Rating” which is the system used by different games to know better about the players’ skill level. 

MMR is also used by MOBA games for a better and more enjoyable gaming experience, how? Here is the answer to it, most of the games use the MMR system to match the players of the same or comparable MMR to make a happy and enjoyable environment for each player. 

Let us give you the example of League of Legends, if your League of Legends MMR is 2200 the MMR of your opponents might be around 2200, so now it’s clear that the MMR system is used by different multiplayer games to make the matches balanced and to know about the players’ skill levels. 

Note: If you are a player of League of Legends, always check your MMR to be updated about your skill level score, note that not only League of Legends, tracking MMR is important for the players of other games too.

Why Does MMR Matter In Games?

Quick answer: Matchmaking Rating ( MMR ) improves the gaming experience by combining players of the same skill level during the Matchmaking process.

MMR matters because it makes the matches more fair and balanced. 

Let’s assume a newbie competes with a highly skilled player, so how will a newbie feel after being beaten by him? 

Yes, he will be feeling not good, because of the unfair gaming experience,

That’s why MMR matters because the MMR system matches the players of the same skills during Matchmaking to compete with one another, which provides the best and most happy gaming experience and environment. 

Got it? No? Let’s discuss it more in depth below. 

Which Games Use Matchmaking Rating (MMR)

Quick answer: MOBA, Battleground, FTS, FPS, and more games use the MMR system.

Games that use MMR "Matchmaking Rating"


MOBA games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Arena of Valor, Pokemon Unite, Mobile Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Vainglory, and many more are using the MMR system for a better gameplay experience and the judgment of players. 


Most battleground games use MMR ( Matchmaking Rating, here are some popular names that use MMR to make matches more friendly and competitive ( PUBG, Free Fire Battleground, Fortnite, Apex Legend, Call of Duty, and more ). 


Most of the RTS ( Real-time strategy ) games use the MMR system, such as Starcraft, Company of Heroes, Warcraft, Age of Empire, northward, and more. 

FPS Games

Also, the majority of FPS games use the MMR for better Matchmaking between players of the same skills. 

Here are some of the FPS games that use MMR. The games are CS: GO, Overwatch, Volarant and more.

Note: The games mentioned above are not the only ones that use the MMR system; many more use it as well.

Which Games Do Not Use MMR System

Quick answer: This is expected that the games do not use an MMR system in which the players do not compete with one another.

Single-player games, casual games, party games, and others in which no one is competing with each other are expected that they are not using the MMR system. 

But you may have a question about why these games are not using the MMR system.

Let’s clear it, let’s assume that you are playing League of Legends, which is a multiplayer game and the game uses MMR to match the players whose skills match. 

On the other hand, let’s assume someone is playing Legend of Zelda, which is a single-player game, we learned that the MMR works to match the player of the same skills but if the player in-game is only single, so in that case the MMR will not be used for such games. 

How Is MMR Determined

Quick answer: Different games have their own algorithms and calculation factors.

The most common factors are Win-Loss ratio, MMR decay, opponents’ MMR, and more which may be considered while calculating MMR.

Different games use complex algorithms to identify their players’ MMR, based on different factors, like your own performance, your teammate’s MMR, the opponent’s MMR, win/loss streaks to determine your MMR, and more, which are mentioned below. 

Note: These factors are based on strong research and expert experiences. Also, note that most games do not reveal the MMR calculation factors to the public. 

Win And Loss Record

Win and loss record/history means how many matches the player has won and how many the player has lost, this is considered a big factor that can help you to increase your MMR in games. 

For example, If your win ratio of the matches is more than your loss ratio of the matches, you will see some change in your MMR toward the sky. 

Opponents’ MMR

The opponents’ MMR is another factor that influences your MMR. 

If your MMR is lower than your opponents, you will gain more MMR and lose less. 

This is because when you play against strong MMR players and perform well, you will gain more LP and as a result, you will gain more MMR. 

On another hand, if your MMR is higher than your opponents, you will gain less MMR and lose more. 

It is because they look at your opponent’s MMR to know how difficult the match was and how you have performed against them. 

So you can say that your competition matters while calculating MMR in gaming

Decay Fluctuates Your MMR In Games 

What does MMR decay mean? Let me explain, if you are not playing matches for a long time, you will see your MMR going down slowly.

But this factor is only used in some of the games.

But it’s important to know, who should keep their eyes on the MMR decay system,

You might face MMR decay, in Volorant. 

In League of Legends, they only affect the players whose ranks are Master, Grandmaster, or Challenger. 

Placement Matches

Placement matches are important to play because they help the system determine your skills.

But firstly, let’s clarify who should play placement matches, and why it’s important. 

New players and returning players should play in placement matches because it helps the system judge their skills based on the performance of their placement matches, and then they assign the starting rank and MMR to them.

It also helps the system to not let the boosters increase their MMR in unnatural ways.

You can play placement matches in games, such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, Rocket League, and more.

Note: Many of the games have no placement matches.

Note that these factors work separately for each mode in many games, such as, we take the example of League of Legends, these factors work separately for determining the MMR of Solo Queue & Flex Queue.

In easy words, if your MMR in League of Legends Flex Queue is 2000, it will only be used in Flex Queue Matchmaking and not in Solo/Due Queue, because they have their score.


MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating in games.

MMR in gaming is a score/rating that is used by multiple games including MOBA, Battleground, and more, to calculate the player skills based on different factors, mainly multiple games use this system to make the matches fair and balanced.

Note: Many of the games do not use the MMR system. 

No, a lower MMR is not considered a good MMR, lower MMR means that you are not skilled enough, but it tells you that you need improvements, and if you have less MMR, you can increase it. 

Yes, many of the games calculate their players’ MMR based on different factors. So Yes! Different games have different MMR systems. 

Final Discussion

MMR in games is an important score/rating used by multiple games to know about the skill level of each player, and also to make the Matchmaking fair. 

Keep in mind that multiple factors can increase and decrease your MMR such as your performance, opponents’ MMR, win and loss ratio, winning and losing streaks, and more.

Always try to keep an eye on these factors, whenever you feel like your MMR is decreasing then audit yourself and based on that audit improve yourself and your gaming skills. 

Always try to be positive and motivated. Thanks for reading!

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