How Win Streaks And Loss Streaks Affect MMR

Multiple factors can affect your League of Legends MMR, such as your performance, your teams’ MMR, your opponents’ MMRs, and more.

These factors matter, but wait, win streak, and loss streak are also the most important factors that can fluctuate your MMR in a MOBA game, League of Legends.

You can also check MMR to see whether win/loss streaks affect MMR or not.

How win streaks and lose streaks affect League of Legends MMR

Here you will learn about win streaks, and loss streaks, and how these both can fluctuate your MMR in League of Legends.

So let’s get started. 

About Win Streaks And Loss Streaks

Win Streaks

Winning matches in a row is known as a win streak, some of the players also call it a hot streak, and the good news is it can help you to increase MMR.

Loss Streaks

Losing matches in a row is known as a loss streak, some of the players also call it a cold streak.

You know, it can decrease your MMR, because it is an official factor that is revealed by Riot Games.

Are you on a losing streak? 

If you are losing matches in a row, then it means that you are on a losing streak.

How to get out of losing streaks?

  • Take a break to reset your mind and create an effective winning strategy. 
  • Play normals or any other casual mode to practice the game. 
  • Know about your weaknesses and work on them to not lose again. 
  • Play with a pro teammate. 

How Win Streaks And Loss Streaks Affect MMR 

Riot Games has officially revealed in the article that winning matches = gaining MMR and losing matches = losing MMR, so it means that these are the big factors.

An image of official source, an image of Riot Games revealed factor of League of Legends MMR.

It’s a simple rule used in the majority of things; win = gain and loss = loss.

So when you maintain your winning streaks, your MMR in games will go up, the amount of MMR increase depends on how many matches you have played and how many matches have you won in a row.

On the other hand, a loss streak can affect your MMR and can make it swing down, as we have discussed above when you lose, your MMR goes down.

The amount of MMR loss depends on many factors that Riot Games has set in their algorithm.

Methods To Improve Affected MMR

It’s clear now that a losing streak can decrease your MMR but similarly winning streak can recover MMR.

Here are some factors to improve MMR which are based on strong research and experiences.

  • Win streaks: Win matches in a row to recover or increase MMR.
  • Individual performance: Try to perform outstanding individually.
  • Team performance: Always train and motivate your teammates to win and perform well as a team. 
  • Play with high MMR teammates: Try to play with high MMR teammates because you will face high MMR opponents. After winning against them and performing well, you will gain more MMR compared to playing with low MMR players.
  • Win/Loss ratio: keep your win ratio more than your loss ratio. 

There are a lot of other factors too, that can fluctuate and reset your MMR in League of Legends.

Now, let’s know, how you can track your MMR, whether is it improving or not.

How To Track MMR Improvement

It is important to track MMR because if you are playing the matches blindly and not checking your MMR, so you will not be able to track your MMR progress. 

Here are some tested methods.

  • MMR Checker Tools: You can use MMR checker, which can show you your MMR ( you will need to enter the summoner name ). 
  • You can use to track your MMR and MMR progress.
  • LP Gain/Loss: Look at the number of LP (League Points) you gain and lose. If you are gaining more LP after winning a match and losing less after losing a match, it means that your MMR is higher than your current rank.
  • Note that this is not an official method, but it can give you an idea of how your MMR is progressing and where your MMR currently stands.

After checking your MMR through these methods, if your MMR is not improving then it means that you are not fulfilling the MMR improvement factors, you should work on those factors to see improvements in your MMR.

Final Words

In short, win streaks can increase your MMR, and loss streaks can decrease your MMR. The amount of MMR increases and decreases depending on many factors.

If you are on a winning streak, then congrats! Continue to focus on winning more and performing better.

But if you are on a losing streak, try to take a break and create a winning strategy.

Always track your MMR because you may think that your MMR is at the top, but in reality, it might be worse, so it’s good to track your MMR.

After checking MMR, if it is lower, try to increase it. 

Be energetic and positive.

Thanks for reading the article.

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