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MMR ( Matchmaking Rating ) represents your skill level, and League of Legends uses it to make the matches fair and balanced for all players, here you can check it in our MMR checker, which calculates it based on multiple skill level factors.

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About MMR In League of Legends

MMR ( Matchmaking Rating ) is a hidden score/rating used by Riot Games in League of Legends to identify the players’ skill level and to combine the players of similar MMR during Matchmaking to compete with one another, which makes the League of Legends games/matches more balanced and fair between players. 

For example, if your Matchmaking Rating is 2000, the system will include you with similar rating players during the Matchmaking process. 

More about MMR:

  • Smurf accounts: Some of the players in League of Legends do smurfing ( it means when an experienced player creates a new account ) when they feel that their MMR is not accurate or inconsistent, it helps them to start fresh.
  • MMR system updates: Riot Games is planning to implement the TrueSkill 2 system in League of Legends later in 2024, which is developed by Microsoft to improve the Ranked MMR, it will help each player to get to the right spot in the Ranked ladder, and it is expected that it will reduce the surfers and ELO hell problems. 

Why League of Legends Uses The MMR System

This is an infographic image that shows why MMR ( Matchmaking Rating ) is important in League of Legends.

League of Legends is a MOBA game that uses the MMR system to make the matches fair and balanced for all players, which means, through this system, newbies will face newbies in matches and professional players will face professional players in matches, which makes the games highly enjoyable for all of the players. 

But how does it make the matches fair? The answer is; that League of Legends combines the same skilled and MMR players during Matchmaking through this system for a playable experience, if your MMR is 2000 you will face the opponents of 2000 or similar MMR.

MMR system helps the game to combine the same skilled players during the Matchmaking process, which makes the matches highly equal and playable for all gamers of League of Legends. 

Note that the MMR system is not only used for improving Matchmaking but there also are more reasons, let’s know about them below: 

As we know, League of Legends is a big and old game that has a huge number of players, It is not an easy task for League of Legends to assign the right spot for all players on the ladder, so for this task, MMR helps them to represent the ranked tier and division of the players in the form of rating, which means that MMR is the overall summary of your current tier and division, if your ranked tier and division is high, your MMR will high too. 

How To Check LoL MMR

You might have a question about how I can find my MMR officially; let me clarify that there is no official way to check your hidden MMR, but you can still estimate your MMR in our calculator with over 95%+ accuracy.

The method of checking it in our tool is given below, follow the steps as guided.

Estimate Matchmaking Rating Through MMR Checker

Method to use MMR checker tool (lolmmr.com)

Step 1: Enter your in-game summoner name and tagline in the tool. 

Step 2: Select your region. 

Step 3: Click on “Check”. after this, it will display the estimated rating for your summoner.

Note: This is the easiest method to find MMR. 

Estimate Matchmaking Rating Manually

You can estimate and get an idea of your MMR manually, the method is mentioned in-depth below.

High MMR indicator: Analyze your match histories, if you are getting placed in higher-ranked lobbies, it indicates that your MMR is higher than your current rank. 

Lower MMR indicator: Similarly, matching with lower-ranked opponents or getting placed in lower-ranked lobbies means your MMR is lower than your current rank.

Normal MMR indicator: Getting placed with the same ranked opponents during Matchmaking means that your MMR is normal. 

Note that you can only get the idea of your Matchmaking Rating through this manual method.

Why Tool Is Not Showing MMR

You may face the issue that MMR is not appearing while checking it in our MMR check tool, don’t worry, you can resolve the issues easily, we have shared the possible problems and provided easy solutions to them. 

There are two issues that some of the players face while checking their account ratings, the first one is “Unable to Calculate” and the second one is “Unranked”

Unranked: The tool is showing unranked because you are not ranked yet, this is not an issue, you should improve your ranking in League of Legends, after that the tool will show you, your MMR. 

Unable to calculate: the tool will show you unable to calculate if you have entered the input details incorrectly, here is the correct method to enter the input details correctly: 

  • Select the Region, where you are currently playing the League of Legends matches. 
  • Enter the valid Game name and tagline, for example, Game name = Finn, and Tagline = #EUW. 
  • Click on “Check”
  • That’s it. 

How We Calculate MMR

We estimate the players’ MMR by looking at their match history to know about their opponents’ skill level factors and Ranks.

We also analyze, the win/lose ratio, and how much LP the player has lost and gained, win-lose streaks for MMR calculations.

These factors help us to know about your skill level and your opponent’s skill level and yes it also helps us to make our tracker more accurate and precise, after the whole process, we estimate your rating with over 95% accuracy.

How To Identify Good And Bad MMR

MMR is hidden, but yes, you can use tools to get an idea about your score whether it is good or bad.

You can also get an idea by analyzing your matches. There are 2 factors that you should analyze, the first one is Rank and the second factor is LP gain and loss.

If your opponents have higher Ranks than yours and you are also gaining a good number of LP, then congrats, it is a good sign, it means that your MMR might be good.

On the other hand, if your opponents have lower Ranks than yours and you are also gaining less LP, then you should focus on improving your MMR because it might not be at a good stage.

Why MMR Does Not Increase After Winning Match

There are multiple factors that Riot Games considers while calculating the players’ MMR, such as victories, defeats, performance, winning streaks, losing streaks, win ratio, lose ratio, and more, these factors help them to know about your skill level more accurately.

MMR ups and downs depend on all of the factors included in the calculation algorithm, if you have met fewer factors, your score will increase accordingly, if you have met more factors your score will increase more.

So the main motive is that winning one match is not the only factor, you should meet other factors too.

Does Dodging Affect League MMR

Dodging is the act of leaving the game during champion selection, the good news is that it does not affect your MMR.

However, according to Riot Games, you will face time and LP penalties, which are mentioned below in an official image.

Dodging penalties, Source: official website.

In time penalty, Riot Games will not let you play the fresh match for some time after that you can play and enjoy the game. 

Dodging is not a good idea from the penalties perspective but it can be good if you are not comfortable with the team composition.

Another penalty is the LP loss, only in the Solo/Duo and Flex Ranked Queues. 

How MMR, LP & Rank Progress Together

LP, MMR, and Rank help the game determine the right spot for each player on the ladder. 

Here is how! 

Your MMR will be equal to Rank if you are losing and gaining the same number of LP. 

Your MMR will be greater than your Rank if you are gaining more and losing less LP. 

Your MMR will be less than your Rank if you are gaining less, and losing more LP. 

Note that this information is based on the official information of Riot Games so you can easily trust it. 

League of Legends Tier ( Challenger )

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

MMR increase and decrease depend on multiple factors, the MMR score is dynamic. So the MMR score is different for each game.

Yes, Riot Games tracks your MMR and performance in pre-season matches.

So always remember to win the match while playing the games in pre-season.

Yes, ARAMs and Normal games have their own MMR scores. 


In short, League of Legends MMR is a hidden rating system similar to the ELO rating system, that Riot Games uses in League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle area ( MOBA ) game.

It helps them to know about the player’s skill level and to match players of the same skills and MMR in the Matchmaking process. 

MMR is evidence of your skill level because its calculations are based on your skill level factors, such as performance, win/lose ratio, win streaks ( the act of becoming victorious in each game continuously ), Rank, and more factors.

You can easily check and search your MMR through our finder, which shows an estimated Matchmaking Rating, based on multiple factors, you will need to enter your summoner name + tagline and select the region to check it.  

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