[Solved] Why LoLMMR.com Is Not Showing LoL MMR

If you are using our League of Legends MMR checker at lolmmr.com and if it does not show you, your MMR and shows you, “Unable to calculate” or “Unranked” it can be because of some factors, which we have discussed in-depth below. 

LoLMMR.com is showing "Unable to calculate" and "Unranked"

So let’s get started. 

Why Isn’t The LoLMMR Tool Displaying The MMR

Problem #1: Unable To Calculate 

When you select region, enter a game name, click on “check” and the tool shows you “Unable to calculate” it means that you might have made a mistake while entering these details. 

The correct way to enter details in the tool: 

Select Region: Select a valid region. 

Select correct in-game region in lolmmr.com MMR checker.

Enter Game Name + Tagline Accurately: Enter a valid League of Legends Game Name with #Tagline ( Your tagline is your region code; if your region is Europe West, your region code will be #EUW. ) 

Here is an example of Game Name + Tagline; Game name = Finn, Tagline = #EUW. So the Game Name + Tagline will be  Finn #EUW

Enter summoner name and tagline.

Click on “check” to know about your Matchmaking Rating. 

Click on "check" in lolmmr.com.

Now the tool will show you, your MMR, as shown below in the image.

MMR result by lolmmr.com

Problem #2: Unranked 

lolmmr.com is displaying Unranked, Here is solution.

When you enter the summoner name with the tagline in the tool and it shows you “Unranked”, it doesn’t mean that you have entered the wrong information while checking your MMR. 

It means that your account is not yet ranked, so we can’t provide you the MMR for Solo Queue and Flex Queue.

Note that we calculate your MMR based on multiple factors, that we fetch from the Ranked accounts, such as we look at your win/lose ratio, performance, win/lose streaks, LP gain, and more.

We can’t fetch these factors when you are unranked, so that’s why we display “Unranked” because unranked accounts have no win/lose ratio, performance report, LP gain, and loss report, and our tool works based on these factors.

How To Solve Unranked Issues

You are not at any rank, tier, or division that’s why it is showing you unranked, you will need to reach a specific rank tier, such as Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, or Challenger, after that we will able to calculate your MMR, so here are some steps and requirements that will help you to reach any tier. 

Requirements to play ranked matches:  

You should have at least 20 champions and 30 levels, whenever you meet these requirements, League of Legends will allow you to play placement matches. 

You will have a chance of 5 placement matches in each queue such as Flex queue, Solo/due Queue, whenever you have done these matches the system set by Riot Games the developer of League of Legends will assign you a specific hidden MMR and Rank based on the outcome of the matches. 

And you know, we will also have data on your ranked history and other factors, which will help us estimate your MMR with a good accuracy. 

After the whole process, you will reach a specific rank and then be able to check your MMR in our most reliable MMR-checking tool. 


In short, if you are facing an issue of “Unranked” or “Unable To Calculate” when you enter your summoner name. 

Firstly, let’s talk about “Unable to calculate” If the tool is showing this, it means that you have made a mistake while entering your summoner name and tagline, the correct way to enter your summoner name with the tagline. 

Another problem is “Unranked” which means that you are not ranked yet in the game, firstly reach a specific rank after that you will able to look at your League of Legends MMR on our website lolmmr.com. 

Note that this is an official guideline, if you have followed all of these guidelines, you will able to check your estimated MMR without any issue. 

Best wishes!

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