Why Your MMR Is Not Improving In League Of Legends

MMR ( Matchmaking Rating ) in League of Legends a MOBA game is an important score/rating that determines your skill level score and balances the matches for each player. 

Why my MMR is not improving in League of Legends

If your MMR is not improving, most probably the players or your teammates will judge you as a newbie, but in reality, you might have good skills and experience. 

In another case; you might feel like you are facing lower MMR players which decreases the gameplay experience, but don’t worry, Here we will guide you on why your MMR is not improving and how you can improve it.

Why Your MMR Is Not Improving In League of Legends ( Factors ) 

Firstly, you should check your MMR to know; if is it, low, average, or high MMR, and if is it improving or not.

After that, you should read the factors mentioned below, which are about, why your MMR is not improving.

Not Performing Well As An Individual 

It’s a factor that helps the MMR system to know about your skills and then they assign you a specific score based on this factor, if you are fulfilling it, the system will increase your MMR, if you are not fulfilling this factor, the system will decrease your MMR. 

So it’s more clear that if you are not performing then you will not see any changes in your MMR score. 

Action Plan: Try to perform outstandingly in each game queue. 

Not Performing Well As A Team

Team Performance is another factor that helps the MMR system to know about your MMR ( Match Making Rating ), if your team is not performing well and losing continuously or losing more than winning, then definitely your MMR will go down or will not increase.

So it can be a reason that’s why your MMR is not improving. 

Action Plan: Make a winning strategy, train your teammates, build confidence in the team, and play with a 1 winning mindset. 

Playing With Low MMR Players

If you are playing with low MMR teammates, as a result, the system will match you with the players who have less MMR, because of your teammate’s MMR, and after losing against them, you might see a decrease in your Matchmaking.

You should play with a high MMR player to get high MMR opponents, when you perform against them or win against them you will see a great number of MMR increases per in League of Legends.

Action: Play with teammates who have a higher MMR than you. 

Losing Continuously 

If your MMR is not increasing, look at your match history and see how many matches you have won continuously, if you have not, then it might be the reason. 

Riot Games has officially displayed in an article that when you lose the match, your MMR will go down, so you should focus on winning to not make it go down.

Action: Win matches in a row, and maintain your win streak to increase MMR. 

Win/lose Ratio 

The win/loss ratio is important to look at. 

Look at your win-lose ratio, if the win ratio is less than the loss ratio, then you might be missing the MMR of this factor. It might be one of the factors that is not making your MMR score get up. 

Action: The win ratio % should be more than the loss ratio. 

Note: MMR system and factors are hidden as we all know, but you can confidently consider these factors because these are based on strong research and experiences.

How Will You Know Your MMR Isn’t Improving?

As per our research and experiences over time, here are some factors that you can consider to know whether, is your MMR improving or not in League of Legends.

Method #1 Look At Your LP ( League Points ) 

if you are losing the same amount of LP after losing the match and gaining the same number of LP after winning the match for a long time, it means that your MMR might be stuck and needs improvements.

Not let’s talk about another method, which is easy as compared to the method mentioned above.

Method #2 Check Via Tool

Another method, You use our Matchmaking Rating checking tool to know about your MMR. 

The process is much easier. 

Step 1: Enter your Game name + Tagline, select the region, and click the “check” button. 

Step 2: Note your MMR. 

Step 3: After noting the MMR, play multiple matches, then again open the tool and compare the MMR with the MMR that you have noted in Step 2.

After that, you will know how your MMR is progressing. 

Method #3 Know Via Matchmaking

If you are matching with players who are less skilled and have lower ranks, it might be a sign that your MMR is stuck at some place. 

Now it’s time to know why MMR is not progressing and increasing. 

Final Words

Many of the players are looking at their MMR, but it is not improving, as we mentioned some of the most effective factors that can help you to increase your MMR. Here is how you can raise your MMR:

List down all the factors, audit gameplay based on the factors that we have discussed above, know your weaknesses and work on them. 

After that, you will get on the right track, and you will be able to increase your MMR in League of Legends.

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