Guide To How Much MMR Increase Per Win In League Of Legends

Many of the players might want to reach a specific MMR in League of Legends, and some to know how the MMR system works and how much MMR increases per win in League of Legends.

Quick answer, the MMR increase per win depends on multiple factors and there is no specific number of MMR increases per win because the MMR system is dynamic, and each game has a different outcome.

You can also use a League of Legends MMR checker to check how much MMR increases per win.

How much MMR increase per win in League of Legends, A MOBA game.

If you are the second type of player who wants to know how much MMR increases per win, so here in this guide you will learn about it. 

Riot Games has not clarified how much MMR increase and there is no accurate source that can tell you the exact score increase per win. 

Let me give you the quick answer MMR is a hidden score. Its ups and downs depend on many factors such as your performance, win streaks, loss streaks, opponent’s strength, teammate’s strength, and more. 

As you can see below, Riot Games has officially displayed that the MMR system is custom-tailored, which means that the MMR system is dynamic and its result can be different for each game.

Riot Games confirms MMR system is custom-tailored, with factors set by developers influencing individual player ratings. MMR can be different after each game." [Source: Official statement from Riot Games]

So it also shows that there is no such number of MMR that increases per win, however, the MMR score is different for each win in League of Legends.

What Is MMR In League Of Legends 

Matchmaking Rating, also known as MMR, is a system like Rank but it is hidden.

It is used by too many online games including League of Legends, Do you know why? League of Legends uses it to improve the Matchmaking between players, but how? They use it to make the matches balanced and fair for each player by combining the same skilled players during Matchmaking.

MMR is a hard indicator of a player skill level. Source Riot Games, The developer of League of Legends. .

The purpose of the MMR system is that the player who has just started the game will face the players in matches who have just started the game or will face players who have similar skills.

We have discussed below, why each win has a different MMR score, let’s go to that section.

How Much MMR Increase Per Win in LoL

The MMR system is hidden by Riot Games, and Riot Games has not displayed any information related to how much MMR increases per win.

The MMR system is dynamic and the score can be different for each game because of the pre-setted factors.

For Example:

Good performance + high MMR opponents = 30 MMR after the win. 

Good performance + low MMR opponents = 20 MMR after the win. 

if you have not fulfilled pre-setted factors, your MMR will increase slightly after the win, if you have fulfilled all of the pre-setted factors, your MMR will increase more after a win.

So it shows that MMR dynamically increases after winning the match.

Check Matchmaking Rating After Winning The Match 

You can check your MMR to know how much MMR increases per win.

The best way to use the MMR checker is mentioned below:

Checking MMR 

  • Open
  • Enter the summoner’s name.
  • Select a region.
  • Click on check MMR. 
  • That’s it. 

It’s recommended to check MMR after each game to know better, how much MMR increases per win or how much MMR decreases after losing the game. 

So it will become easy for you to track your matchmaking-rating. 

How to Stabilize MMR

If your MMR is less, here is a guide about how to reset and increase your MMR.

If you have checked your MMR and it is not stable, such as the graph going up and then suddenly down, there might be some mistakes that you are making. 

Let’s look at them deeply: 

You might have not maintained your win streaks: a winning streak means, winning matches in a row, you should focus on winning matches continuously because this is an an official factor of MMR calculation, which is visible by Riot Games.

Leave unwinnable matches: Dodging games is not a best practice, but if you think that this match looks impossible to win or your teammates are not serious about winning the game, then simply dodge the game to maintain your MMR and stabilize it. 

Play with high MMR players and perform well: It is also an important factor that fluctuates your MMR.

If you are playing with teammates who have high MMR, as a result, you will get the opponents of high MMR and if you perform well against them you will gain more MMR than before.

Final Words 

As we discussed the League of Legends MMR system, which is similar to the ELO system, calculates MMR based on different factors.

MMR increase per win depends on many factors, if you are winning, your MMR will be high per win, if you are losing, it will be less per win.

It is not displayed or shown by Riot Games how much MMR increases per win in League of Legends because the MMR score for each game is not the same, this is because each game has a different outcome, and the MMR system calculates the rating based on the outcome.

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