How To Reset MMR In League of Legends: Complete Guide

MMR is a score/rating in games, that can go up and down based on multiple factors.

If you have got your MMR down, don’t worry, there could be some possible reasons, and because of that, your MMR has dropped, but you can reset your MMR and get your MMR back.

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Firstly you should always check your League of Legends MMR to be confident that, is it dropped or it’s just your overthinking, after that, you should follow the steps of resetting MMR.

Here is the method!

Method To Reset MMR in League of Legends

The process of resitting MMR is not the same as increasing MMR.

Some ways can help you reset your MMR in League of Legends such as creating a new account, session reset, soft reset, winning matches or losing matches, changing the existing server, or playing flex that can help you reset your MMR. 

Let’s dive deep into each factor to learn and know better about resitting MMR in League of Legends. 

New Account 

One of the ways out of many to reset your MMR is to create a new account in League of Legends. 

You might have a question about why we need to create a new account in League of Legends to reset our MMR.

Here is the answer, The MMR system assigns fresh MMR in the new account because the new account does not have a match history, and has initial ELO and LP gain and loss, so you can easily reset your MMR by smurfing.

Note: After playing multiple games the system will reset and assign you the MMR based on multiple factors, including your in-game performance. So creating a new account is the easy way to fix MMR in League of Legends. 

Session Reset 

Session reset is another way that can help you reset your MMR, but it might not reset your MMR as you want.

Session reset is performed at the beginning of every session ( in January ), before placement games. 

The MMR reset in session reset depends on your performance in the previous Ranked session.

Note: Session reset will not have any impact on your Normal queue MMR and its matchmaking. 

Soft Reset 

League of Legends uses a soft reset system that lowers the Rank based on your rank and MMR in the previous session if you have a good rank and MMR in the previous session, the system will assign you the rank and MMR accordingly.

Let me give you an example, if your Rank is Platinum, it will drop to Gold.

If your rank is diamond, it will drop to platinum. The same process is for MMR reset in soft reset.  

Winning Matches 

Winning matches continuously means maintaining a winning streak that can recover and reset your MMR, in case you got your MMR down, if you think that you can’t win the match, simply dodge to not affect your MMR.

Note that, Riot Games has officially displayed in one of their article that winning matches can increase your MMR.

Many players follow the strategy of winning the games and maintaining winning streaks that help them fix MMR in League of Legends. 

Change The Server

Transferring to another server is not a direct way to reset your MMR. Still, it can be a good factor because if you perform better in your placement matches after changing the server, the MMR system will assign you the MMR accordingly.  

If you are performing better after joining another server they will reset your MMR, but remember if you are not performing better and losing matches in a row they will surely decrease your MMR because of your performance. 

How Does MMR Reset Work?

There are two types of MMR resets in League of Legends, the first one is soft reset, and the second one is hard reset. 

Soft reset: Soft reset means, that MMR goes down slightly depending on your MMR and the Rank of the previous session.

Hard reset: Hard MMR means, that MMR goes completely down to zero and you need to start increasing your MMR from scratch, but remember that hard reset does not exist in League of Legends, however, you will see the soft reset at the start of the new season. ( new split )

Tips To Not Decrease Your MMR Again 

Here are some of the factors based on our experience and research that will help you to be aware of what affects MMR in League of Legends

Final Words

In short, many players have decreased their MMR because of some reasons and now the system is matching them with less skilled players and some with more skilled players. 

If you are also one of them and seeking how to fix your MMR, don’t overthink, here we have shared some of the possible ways to fix your MMR, let us explain again in short. 

Many of the players are creating new accounts to play against lower MMR players to fix their MMR, you can also create an account.

Another way is to wait for a soft reset that happens at the start of the new split. 

If you want to achieve the MMR that you have lost, focus on the factors that can help you Increase your MMR. 

Thanks for reading!

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