What Does Affect League of Legends MMR

The most common factor that can affect your MMR is; losing matches.

Factors that affect League of Legends MMR

Riot Games has officially shared the statement that wins and losses can fluctuate your MMR, if you win, your MMR will go up, if you lose, your MMR will go down.

You can use the MMR checker to track whether your MMR is going up or down, so you will know better about your progress.

Riot Games says officially Win, and it goes up! Lose, and it goes down.

However, there are a lot of other factors which can affect your MMR indirectly, which are mentioned below. 

Let’s discuss other factors.

Factors That Affect LoL MMR

Quick answer:  wins and losses can affect your MMR directly, however, win/lose ratio, win/lose streaks, individual performance, teammates & opponents MMR and more factors affect MMR indirectly and might directly.

Win/Loss Ratio

Riot Games has officially displayed that wins and losses can fluctuate your MMR. 

You can track your wins and losses by looking at your win/lose ratio in your account profile stats. 

If the win ratio is more than the loss ratio, then it is good because it shows that you are winning more as compared to losing, and as a result, you will see your MMR going up. 

If the loss ratio is more than the win ratio then it can affect your MMR indirectly. 

So always try to win and keep your win ratio more than the loss ratio. 

Win/Loss Streaks 

Continuously losing the matches means that you are on a lose streak and continuously winning means that you are on a win streak. 

It might be not a direct factor that can fluctuate your MMR, but it can be an indirect factor because it is a signal that you are winning matches, and winning matches is a big factor in MMR calculation. 

It can affect your MMR if you are on a loss streak. 


If I ask you; how can you judge a player’s skill level in League of Legends, then what will you say? Of course, you will say, by looking at his in-game performance. 

Riot Games has told in one of their official articles that MMR is a hard indicator of a player’s skill level. This means that MMR is calculated based on a player’s skills, so it means that Riot Games considers the players’ performance while calculating an MMR.

So if you are performing badly, it can affect your MMR. 

Always try to perform well and win.

Teammates & Opponents MMR

MMR is used to make the matches faired between players, which means that while matching the players, League of Legends looks at the players’ MMR and then combines the same MMR players in one match. 

So if you are playing with teammates who have higher MMR than yours, you will get the higher MMR opponents. 

Try to win from the opponents because it will help to gain more MMR increase per win as compared to competing with lower MMR players, you will gain more MMR because system judges you as a more skilled player.

If you have low MMR teammates, as a result, you will compete with low MMR opponents and if the low MMR opponents have won the match, as a result it will affect your MMR because the system will judge you as a less skilled player. 

Champion Mastery

Champion mastery is not a direct factor, it might affect your MMR indirectly. How? Let’s discuss. 

Let’s suppose you are playing in Flex queue with a champion, about which you have no experience, more likely you will perform badly and as we have discussed that performance can affect your MMR. 

Become the champion master, so it will make you perform well and as a result, your MMR will go up. 

Use the MMR checking tool to track the progress, if your MMR is affected then you can follow the guide mentioned below. 

Method To Increase MMR

Quick answer: increase your win ratio, maintain win streaks, perform well, and try to win each game. Your MMR will go up.

It is easy to increase your MMR in Ranked, and ARAM, and Normal modes, but should follow the factors and you should perform better. 

As we all know every negative side has a positive side, similarly if your MMR can go down by not meeting the factors, your MMR can go up by meeting those factors. 

For example:

If bad performance can affect your MMR, similarly good performance can help your MMR to go up. 

If loss streaks can affect your MMR, similarly, a winning streak can help your MMR to go up. 

This statement works with all of the factors which can affect your MMR such as win/lose ratio, champion mastery, and more. 


In short, MMR is a system like ELO rating, it is hidden and used by many online games, including League of Legends. 

League of Legends has not officially displayed the exact formula for calculating the MMR, but we have an idea of the calculation from their official talks about MMR. 

There are a good number of factors that can affect your MMR directly and indirectly such as win/lose ratio, win/lose streaks, performance, champion mastery, and more. 

You can also increase your MMR by following these factors. Always try to track your MMR because it gives you an idea of your skill level.

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