How To Improve ARAM, Ranked, And Normals MMR In League of Legends

How to Improve Aram Ranked and Normals MMR in League of Legends

MMR in games stands for Matchmaking Rating.

Multiple factors can help you increase your MMR in League of Legends, which are win ratio, win streaks, good performance, and more which we have discussed in-depth below. 

Let’s learn the basics first.

What Is ARAM, Ranked, And Normals MMR

MMR ( Matchmaking Rating ) is used by many online games, including the MOBA game, League of Legends.

They use it in different modes such as Ranked, ( competitive mode ) ARAM, normals, and more, to combine similar MMR players to compete with one another. 

MMR is an important system because MMR systems make the matches fair and balanced for each player.

Let me help you to understand better through examples. 

For Example: Suppose you are a totally newbie in League of Legends, you have started the game for the first time and the system has matched you with the more skilled players, so what do you think, can you perform better against them? Of course, you are a newbie so you can’t beat them.

So that’s why League of Legends uses the MMR system. 

MMR system combines similar experience, skills, and MMR players in matchmaking for a better experience. 

Now let’s discuss how to improve Aram MMR in League of Legends. 

How To Increase ARAM, Ranked & Normals MMR

Don’t let yourself be depressed if your MMR is less, don’t worry it can be improved by following the right strategy and consistent efforts. Let’s dive into it. 

Note: The MMR system is hidden and no one knows the exact factors that can fluctuate your MMR in League of Legends.

Note that the factors, which are mentioned below are based on our strong research, experiences, and Riot Games official articles and guidelines.

  • Maintain win streaks: A win streak means continuously winning matches, note that a win streak is the most effective way to increase your MMR. 
  • Win ratio more than loss ratio: Keep your win ratio higher than the losing ratio. 
  • Team performance is important: Team performance always matters, Your teammates should have a mindset to win and perform better.
  • Individual performance is important: Individual performance is most important so always perform better, because it helps the MMR system to know about your skills. So always work on your weaknesses that do not let you perform better. 
  • Play with the highest MMR players: Play with the team members who have high MMR in League of Legends. The concept behind this is to get the higher MMR opponents, after performing better against them, you might see more improvements in your lol MMR than before. 

There is a most frequent question; Do Normal and ARAM games affect Ranked MMR? The quick answer is no.

MMR for each mode is separate, if you have performed well in Ranked, your MMR will only increase in Ranked and not in any other game mode.

How To Check MMR

Always check your MMR to know how your MMR is progressing, but how to check League of Legends MMR. Here are the simple ways to check. 

Method #1 MMR checker: There are many tools available online to check MMR, you can use our tool, which calculates the MMR score based on many factors, including your performance, win streaks, match history, and more.

The process is simple: 

  • Open 
  • It will directly show the MMR checking tool interface. 
  • Enter your summoner name, select region, and click on check MMR
  • That’s it. 

Method #2 Look at your LP gain and lose: 

If you are getting the same LP when you win and also when you lose, it means your MMR = your current Rank. 

MMR = Current Rank: if you are gaining 16 LP ( League Points ) after winning and also losing the same 16 LP after losing, it means that your MMR is equal to your current Rank. 

MMR > Current Rank: If you are getting more LP when you win and losing less after losing the match, it means that your MMR is more than your current Rank. 

For Example: if you are getting 16 LP after winning the match and losing 13, it means that your MMR > current Rank. 

MMR < Current Rank: If you are getting less LP after winning and losing more after losing, it means that your MMR is less than your current Rank. 

For example: Getting 16 LP after winning and losing 19 LP after losing, which means that MMR is < less than the current Rank. 

Why To Improve MMR

Every player in League of Legends should increase their MMR because it represents their skillset that what are your skills. Another reason to improve your MMR is to play against high and veteran players in League of Legends, when you have a high MMR you will face the players who will have a high MMR. 

When you play as a high MMR player, you will face tough and competitive players that enhance the gaming experience, because everyone wants to maintain their MMR so everyone tries to survive and perform well, which makes the matches more competitive. 

In simple words:

  • Increase MMR to face pro players. 
  • Increase MMR to be known as a more skilled player. 
  • Increase MMR to be known as a high score and high MMR player. 
  • Increase MMR to be not trolled. 

That is why most of the players want to increase their MMR. 

Final Words

In short, follow the right strategies, play with friends who are serious about winning and performing well, continuously win the matches, and keep a win ratio more than the loss ratio, keep your eyes on more factors to increase your MMR in Aram, Ranked, Normals, and more. 

Thanks for reading the whole article!

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