Do ARAM And Normal Games Affect Ranked MMR: Complete Guide

There are a lot of misconceptions in the MOBA game, League of Legends, including the misconception that ARAM and Normal game modes affect Ranked MMR, ( Matchmaking Rating ) also many players ask that does ARAM has MMR or does ARAM affects Ranked MMR or not.

So here in this guide, you will get answers to all of these questions, let’s get started.

Do Aram and Normal games affect Ranked MMR in League of Legends

Quick Answer

Let me clarify that each mode in League of Legends, such as ARAM, Normal, Ranked, even Solo Queue, and Flex Queue, has its own MMRs.

So ARAMs and Normal games do not affect your Ranked MMR.

If you want to improve your Aram, Ranked, Normal MMR, the interesting fact is that you will need to improve it separately.

However, you should check your MMR in the League of Legends MMR checker to be updated on whether does Aram affect MMR or does Normal games affect MMR or not.

So, it is now clear that each mode in League of Legends has separate MMRs and Matchmaking systems.

Let’s understand it through an in-game example. 

For example, if you play a Normal game and perform badly, it will only affect your Normal game MMR.

So if you perform well in Aram, and you think about why Ranked MMR is not improving, this is because they are separate.

Important note: League of Legends might consider your Normal mode performance and MMR while assigning you the starting MMR for the Ranked queues on the fresh account. 

Do ARAM Games Affect Ranked MMR 

No ARAM games do not affect Ranked MMR in League of Legends

As we discussed above, each Queue and mode in League of Legends has its own MMR. 

ARAM ( All-Random All-Mid ) and Ranked, both are separate game modes in League of Legends and both have separate MMRs and Matchmaking systems. 

So don’t think about your Ranked MMR if you are playing in ARAM, because it will only affect your ARAM MMR. Ao ir iiaihdhidhiahdi

Do Normal Games Affect Ranked MMR

No, Normal games do not affect Ranked MMR in League of Legends

In short, Normal games in League of Legends do not affect your Ranked MMR. 

Some of the players do not play Normal games because they think that it will decrease their Ranked MMR, but it does not.

Normal games are less stressful and less competitive, so play them without fear and explore whatever you want. 

Confirm, Normal or ARAM Matches Won’t Affect Your Ranked MMR

If you want to confirm that does it not affect our Ranked MMR, then you can follow the method mentioned below.

  • Note Down MMR: Check your Ranked MMR ( Matchmaking Rating ) through the MMR checker and note down your Ranked MMR.
  • Play Normal games or ARAM: After that go and play multiple games in the Normal and ARAM modes.  
  • Compare MMR, before and after record: Now after playing multiple games in Normal and ARAM. Use the MMR checker, check the Ranked MMR, and then compare it with the Ranked MMR that you have noted.

After following the method, you will know whether Normal and ARAM games affect Ranked MMR or not. 


There are multiple game modes in League of Legends and all of the game modes and Queues have their own MMRs, which does not fluctuate the MMR of other Queues and modes.

Yes, it’s good practice because the Normal is a casual game mode in League of Legends that is specially designed and developed for practice and fun, and there is no stress and fear of rank drop. 

If you are a newbie then it’s recommended to play Normals until you feel that you are ready for Ranked matches. 

Final Words

Some of the players in League of Legends believe that Normal games and ARAM can affect my Ranked MMR, but it’s not true.

So play Normal games freely because it has not a negative or even positive impact on your Ranked or any other game mode MMR. 

At the last, win continuously to increase ARAM, Ranked, and Normal game modes MMR.

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