Follow These Factors To Increase MMR In League of Legends

Method to increase League of Legends MMR

League of Legends is a popular MOBA Game, that has multiple systems in-game to improve the gaming experience.

League of Legends Rank and MMR systems are also parts of the game, Rank represents your visible progress and MMR is your hidden score that is used by League of Legends to make the matches fair and balanced.

Today, this guide is about, the League of Legends MMR system and how to increase MMR, let us be clear that MMR factors are hidden.

But wait!

Riot Games has revealed officially, that when you win your MMR goes up, and when you lose your MMR goes down.

So it means that winning matches is a big factor, that can help you to increase MMR.

It is recommended to always check your MMR to be updated about your MMR progress whether is it less or more, if it is less, then you can follow the factors mentioned below to increase it.

How To Improve MMR In League of Legends

An infographic contain factors which can help the players to increase MMR.

The factors that can improve MMR are continuously winning matches, performing best in front of high MMR opponents, playing with high MMR teammates, individual performance, focusing on win/lose streaks to increase MMR, and more.

Note that these are based on the official Riot Games statements, our research, and League of Legends players’ experiences.

Let’s thoroughly discuss these factors and some more.

Win, Win & Win

As we have discussed above, winning is one of the official and revealed factors that influence your MMR, if you are winning your MMR will increase, and if you are winning more your MMR will increase more as compared to before because a win streak also has an edge.

Riot Games says offically Win, and it goes up! Lose, and it goes down

Action Tip: Win matches in a row to increase MMR faster and quickly.

High MMR Teammates

The developer of League of Legends, Riot Games has told in their official article about MMR, LP, and Rank, that MMR is a good indicator of your skill level, which means that if your MMR is high, there are more chances that you are skilled enough.

When you play with high MMR teammates, the system matches you with similar skill-level opponents, meaning that you will compete with highly skilled opponents because of your teammates’ MMR.

When you perform outstanding against them the system will consider you as a highly skilled player and your MMR will indirectly go up.

Action: Play with teammates who have a higher MMR than yours to get stronger opponents during Matchmaking.

If you perform well or win the game against them, as a result, you will gain more LP and MMR.

Coaching Service

You might have a question about how to improve MMR quickly.

Here is the answer: Increasing MMR may be challenging for the majority of the players, but not a big thing for MMR professionals.

There are multiple sources throughout the internet that provide coaching and MMR boosting services, you can go for any trustworthy source.

They can help you to increase your MMR. 

Note: MMR boosters can increase your MMR based on multiple factors. However, it is recommended to increase MMR without buying these services.

MMR Boosting FAQs

Boosting service is an instant way to improve MMR.

When someone wants to see fast changes in his MMR, they go for this but note that it is not a professional approach.

It makes the matches unfair for all.

When you boost it, you will face highly skilled players that will be unbeatable, and definitely, you will not enjoy them because of unbalanced matches.

There are multiple websites available that offer LoL MMR boosting services.

Individual Performance Matters

You might feel that your MMR score is increasing a little bit, why? because there is a possibility that you might have not performed well individually.

It is always recommended to play games and perform well because it can be a good factor that can improve your MMR.

Performance matters in-game because performance shows how skilled you are, and the interesting part is that MMR represents your skill level, so performance can indirectly or directly influence your MMR.

Action tip: Play with high MMR players and perform outstandingly.

Note that, these factors affect your MMR if you have not fulfilled it, on the other factor, if you have fulfilled your MMR will go up.

Final Discussion

Most of the players are asking, How do I get my League MMR up? Let us give you the answer.

Remember that multiple factors can influence your MMR; the main factors are individual performance, winning matches, maintaining winning streaks, playing with high MMR teammates, and more.

It is recommended to win as many matches as you can in a row, but keep in mind not to affect your mental health.

If you are losing matches consciously, it means that your day is not going well. In this case, take breaks and create a good strategy for winning the matches to increase MMR.

Always be positive.

Thanks for ready the detailed guide, and good luck.

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