Hidden MMR Vs Visible Rank In League of Legends

MMR vs Rank in League of Legends

League of Legends has been a popular MOBA game since its release date, which uses a good number of systems in-game to improve the gaming experience and quality, MMR and Ranked systems are also part of the game which makes the game more amazing.

MMR represents your skill level, it is hidden by Riot Games but you can estimate it in the third-party MMR checker

On the other hand, Rank is the visible progress of your skill level, if you have climbed to a high tier such as Diamond, Master, or Challenger,  it means that you are progressing and also you can assume that your MMR might be high.

Let’s discuss MMR and Rank in-depth, after that, it will be easy for you to understand the difference between them. 

About MMR ( Matchmaking Rating )

MMR is a player’s skill level rating, League of Legends calculates it based on multiple skill level factors such as performance, win ratio, win streaks, and more. 

The factors that affect MMR are hidden because Riot Games does not want to reveal it publically but some are revealed such as losing games and more.

If you are performing well, your MMR will be high because of your good performance. 

MMR is a big factor in Matchmaking and the interesting fact is that this is specially designed and developed to balance the Matchmaking between players. 

If the two players have the same MMR, more likely they will play against each other because the MMR system judges them as the same skilled players.

About Ranked System

Rank play, you can also pronounce it as a competitive play. 

If you look at the players, when they play in Normals and ARAMs, they do not play as seriously as Ranked play because Normals and ARAMs are not that competitive. 

Ranked is a system in League of Legends that shows where the player exists in the League of Legends Ranked ladder system. 

Here are the tiers and divisions in League of Legends that currently exist: 

  • Iron (l, ll, lll, lV)
  • Bronze (l, ll, lll, lV) 
  • Silver (l, ll, lll, lV)
  • Gold (l, ll, lll, lV)
  • Platinum (l, ll, lll, lV) 
  • Emerald (I, II, III, IV)
  • Diamond (l, ll, lll, lV)
  • Master
  • Grand Master
  • Challenger

You can climb a rank ladder such as tier and division when your LP and MMR go up

Here you can get more idea of how MMR, LP, and rank work together. 

What Is The Difference

Why Does League of Legends Use MMR & Rank System?

Both MMR and Rank systems are important and have a good impact on game quality. 

MMR is used to match the players of the same skill level. 

Let’s assume, that you are a newbie, you have started a match, and the game matches you with the professional player, will you win from him? Of course, Not! Because the match was not balanced. 

That’s why League of Legends uses the MMR system. 

On the other hand, Ranked is important too, As we all know, it is a human behavior to compete with others and to get to the top. 

That’s why  League of Legends uses the ranked system because it provides a sense of competition between players where players compete for the top spots on the ladder.

There are 10 tiers in League of Legends and each tier contains sub tiers also known as divisions, when you climb a specific tier, you will get the idea of how skilled you are, because climbing to the highest tiers such as Grandmaster, Challenger is not the game of the kids. 

So both systems are important because they improve the gaming experience. 

How Do You Track The Rank And Hidden MMR?

Rank tracking method: You can track your Rank in the League of Legends game client. 

The method is too simple and easy, open your League of Legends game client, click on your profile, look at the Rank information, and click on that.  

That’s it, there you will see all about your Rank. 

MMR tracking method: MMR is hidden, League of Legends does not show the MMR to its players.

But wait, there are multiple third-party websites and tools where you can calculate your Matchmaking Rating based on multiple factors. You will know if your MMR is low, average, or high in League of Legends.


MMR is hidden, League of Legends calculates it based on multiple factors, if you are skilled enough, it is more likely you will have a high MMR because MMR represents your skill level. 

On the other hand, the players’ Rank is a visible badge that shows where you are in a Ranked ladder, it also gives an idea of how you are progressing and how skilled you are. 

Pro Tip: Focus on LP gain because it can influence both MMR and Rank. 

Be positive and energetic, Thanks for reading the article!

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