What MMR Is Considered Low, Average, and High in League of Legends

How much MMR consider low average and high in League of Legends.

We know, that you are here to learn how much MMR is considered low, average, and high in League of Legends, so here is the quick answer!

Low, Average & High MMR – Quick Answer

Low MMR = less than 1000.

Medium MMR = more than 1500 and less than 2000.

High MMR = more than 2000.

You can check it through the LoL MMR checker to know that is it low, average, or high.

Note that, it is just based on expert guidelines, experiences, and research, and officially, Riot Games has not displayed anything related to it.

After checking your MMR in a tool, if your MMR falls in the low or medium MMR category, then it means that you might have not met the MMR calculation factors.

Let’s discuss more in-depth and detail that how much MMR is considered low, average, and high in League of Legends.

Low MMR In League Of Legends

League of Legends MMR is hidden and only visible to those who have developed it, but there are a good number of free and third-party tools that show the player’s MMR based on multiple factors.

Based on third-party tools, if your MMR is less than 1000 it will be considered as a low MMR in League of Legends, which means that you will face the opponents of the same or around 1000 MMR during Matchmaking.

But this is not always guaranteed, there are more factors that League of Legends consider while matching players during Matchmaking. 

How Can I Check My MMR Is Low?

You can easily check it through the tools that show the MMR data with 95% + accuracy. 

Step 1:  Visit lolmmr.com. 

Step 2:  Enter the summoner name and select your region. 

Step 3:  Click on “Check”. 

It will show your MMR, if it shows that it is less than 1000 it means that your MMR falls in the low category and needs improvements. 

You can also judge your matchmaking rating by looking at your LP gain and loss, if you are losing more LP it means that your MMR is low. 

Why Is My MMR Low?

There could be some reasons behind your Low MMR. 

New Account: You might have a new account, new accounts do not have enough match history, no record of winning and losing streaks, and more, so it might be the reason for your low MMR. 

Tip: If you have access to the Ranked matches, play with high MMR teammates, and win the matches, your MMR will go up. 

Weak opponents: You might have competed with low MMR and less-skilled opponents. 

When your opponent players have a higher MMR than yours, you will gain more MMR if you have won the match from them.

Performance: You might not perform well individually in games. 

Your game performance helps the MMR system to determine your skills. 

So you must perform well to see a jump in your MMR. 

Note: Multiple more factors influence MMR. 

Average MMR In League Of Legends

A Matchmaking Rating ( MMR ) that is more than 1500 is considered an average MMR in LoL, which means that you will get the same or around 1500 MMR opponents during the matchmaking process.  

Note that each game mode has a different MMR as, if your MMR is 1500 in Ranked, your ARAM MMR will be different, and even Ranked games do not affect ARAM and Normal Games MMR.

How Do You Know If Your MMR Is Average?

As we mentioned above, you can use any of the third-party tools to check your MMR. 

  • Go to lolmmr.com. 
  • Enter your summoner name, select region, and check. 

If your MMR is around 1500 and less than 2000, your MMR is average and can be improved further.

Let’s discuss, how to get out of average MMR.

Average MMR To High MMR

You can increase MMR from average to high by winning multiple matches in a row or your winning ratio should be more than your losing ratio. 

Another factor is to play with a teammate whose MMR is more than yours because playing with high MMR teammates will bring tough-to-compete opponents, after performing well against high MMR opponents, it is expected that your MMR will increase more than before. 

Note: These are not just the factors that can help you improve your MMR, your teammate’s MMR, your opponent’s MMR, and more factors also matter the most. 

High MMR In League Of Legends 

MMR which is more than 2000 is considered a good and high MMR in League of Legends, Which means that you will be competing with highly skilled players during matches. 

But keep in mind that maintaining a high MMR may be challenging because you will face hard-to-beat competition and opponents. So let’s discuss how to maintain MMR.

How To Maintain A High MMR

You should know about, what does affect MMR, so you will always be at the top because you will take care of those factors.

Based on our experience and research here are some of the factors to maintain your high MMR in League of Legends. 

Performance: Always focus on your in-game individual performance and try your best to perform better. 

Don’t lose the matches: Always try to win the matches because this is an official revealed factor.

High MMR teammates: Play with high MMR teammates to face tough competition, as a result, your MMR increase per win will be high as compared to playing with lower MMR players.

There are more factors which are hidden by Riot Games.

Difference Between Low MMR Players And High MMR Players 

An infographic that shows the difference between low MMR players and high MMR players.

The difference: if you have a high MMR, there are chances that you will have strong competition and after winning the game you might gain more League Points. 

On another hand, If you have a low MMR, you will have low MMR opponents and average competition and after winning from them, you will gain fewer LP.


Riot Games hides the MMR data, but there are third-party tools that provide estimated and near to accurate MMR scores, so as per third-party sites, 쪼렙이다말로하자 is a player, who has a 3729 MMR score that is considered as the highest score in a League of Legends. 

There could be many factors behind your MMR score going down, as per Riot Games, if you win matches your MMR will go up, and if you lose the matches your MMR will go down. 

KDA is not a direct factor that can fluctuate your MMR in League of Legends, but it might affect your MMR indirectly.

KDA represents your performance and there are chances that the MMR system might consider it while calculating MMR.


MMR is a hidden score used by multiple online games, and League of Legends is one of them who use it. 

As per general guidelines, it is expected that the MMR that is given below is considered low, average, and high MMR in League of Legends. 

You can take an idea of in which category you fall. 

Low MMR < 1000.

Average MMR 1000 > 1500 < 2000.

High MMR >2000. 

So if your MMR falls in low and average MMR sections, it means that your MMR is not at a good stage and needs further improvements to achieve a high MMR. 

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